Caring for your brain

How to ensure your brain remains resilient in today’s difficult circumstances.

We know that interpreters’ brains are highly strained; the range of concomitant
cognitive efforts and the way we use our short-term memory is taxing. It comes with the job. This is true of other professions.

Lately, with multiple layers of technology between ourselves and our end users, and with working from home, things have gotten to a whole new level of complexity.
No wonder we have also seen increasing levels of brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep issues and even burnout.

In this interactive masterclass, you will learn how to support your body and your brain holistically. We will discuss the latest science-based brain health practices, see brain-friendly nutrition, touch on stress relief in new ways and go deep into the brain to help it clean and detox. Experience first-hand the powerful effects of learning to relax the organs that tend to suffer the most strain: the eyes, ears, our voice, and vocal cords.

At the end of the masterclass, you will have gained a better understanding of what your brain needs to stay healthy and the best ways to keep it in shape long-term.
You will leave equipped with a range of tools and brain-supporting routines, whose benefits are multiple and cumulative. By following and applying the recommended lifestyle changes, your memory and cognition will also be enhanced.

Sounds good?



When: Anytime

Where: Online

Your investment: £93

I attended her webinar The Power of Calm the night before a difficult RSI job and what a difference it made to my delivery – I felt collected, I could concentrate better and, most of all, I felt that I was in control. What a joy.

Irina Young

Conference Interpreter, BA PhD DPSI MCIL CL