Meet another you (the one you were born to be)

Meet another you (the one you were born to be)

As you read this, your life is likely to be heading in a particular direction. Probably shaped by habits that have become deeply ingrained. So consider for a moment just how happy you are with where you’re now, and with what lies ahead. And now imagine meeting a twin...

Returning to an ancient wisdom.  Returning to ourselves.





Ready to make your blood cells bounce?

Have you ever wondered, when you’re feeling sluggish, exactly how your blood cells are doing? One of the most fascinating worlds is one that normally remains completely invisible to us. And that’s the world within. If you’re interested in your own wellbeing, it’s...

Bringing wellbeing to the workplace

For many years, companies have given lip service to the idea of wellbeing in the workplace. For example, “a healthy workforce is a productive one”. But to reduce wellbeing to a handy way to enhance profitability is missing the point. To take a broader perspective…...

Is sitting the new smoking?

The comparison between sitting and smoking might seem an extreme one. Yet there are clear parallels. After all, there was a time when smoking was deemed relatively harmless… before the curtain was pulled back, and the extent of the associated health risks was...