Meet another you (the one you were born to be)

As you read this, your life is likely to be heading in a particular direction. Probably shaped by habits that have become deeply ingrained. So consider for a moment just how happy you are with where you’re now, and with what lies ahead.

And now imagine meeting a twin you never knew you had. Your identical twin.

At one level, it’s like looking in a mirror. The same looks, the same personality traits and even passions. Yet there’s a difference. And it’s hard to pinpoint.

Your imaginary twin walks with a little more spring in their step, and they radiate good health. More than that, they love their life and where it’s heading. This twin is the you that you were born to be.

So how can you close the gap?

Between the life you’re currently living, and the one that you long to live?

It starts with making time to pause, and take a step back. And realise the things you keep doing that don’t serve you.

The modern world seems to be speeding up, and there’s a cost to that. Anxiety, stress and depression are all on the rise, with sleep deprivation at an epidemic level.

The wisdom we need to heal ourselves is far closer than we think. It sits within every cell of our body.[1] And it’s a wisdom that most of us are actually blocking. Because of how we neglect ourselves.

Imagine throwing handfuls of sand or dirt over your laptop. You wouldn’t dream of it, would you?

Yet the way we treat ourselves is no less damaging. That’s because there are certain habits – common to more and more of us – that seriously take their toll on our health.

Such as?

> Ingesting foods that are high in additives and preservatives, and depleted of nutrients.

> Denying ourselves the ‘breathing space’ to protect us against stress.

> Sitting for hours at a time with poor posture – in a way that damages our immune system.

> Skimping on sleep – not allowing ourselves the time to fully recharge.

Another modern epidemic of sorts is to look for the ‘one cure’ – the quick fix that will solve all our problems and give us immediate access to the relief that we seek or crave.

Most of us are looking in the wrong place. Most of the ingredients we need for a better, fuller life lie within us – where the world’s most sophisticated pharmacy lives, if only we would realise.

I am passionate about giving people back their lives… and about giving people more calm and resilience in this digital age.

If you’re interested in enjoying a new level of vitality and wellbeing – a level you might have thought was out of reach – I am here for you. Here to give you the tools, the wisdom and the practices you need.

How do I do that? Typically it’s through a combination of breath work, movement and optimized nutrition.  As well as additional support that might include sound baths and bespoke recommendations.

Essentially, it’s a holistic approach. As I see it, nothing less will do.[2]

If you are interested in learning more about ‘Breathe and Change your Life’ – as a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session, as a webinar or as a bespoke twelve-week programme, please get in touch.


[1] The wisdom of the cells: inspired by a Deepak Chopra video I saw today. Each cell has its dharma.

[2] Just one of these elements can have a limited positive impact on your wellbeing. But as I see it, even if you do yoga every day, if you’re still ingesting damaging foods, you’re missing the point.




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