“I am passionate about giving people back their lives… and giving them more calm, vitality and resilience in this digital age.”

This I do through a holistic approach that is available in a number of ways:

Tailor-made interactive session designed for your team to create more calm and clarity while lowering brain fog and anxiety levels.

Having assessed your current state, you get personalised tools and your own roadmap for increasing your wellbeing and holistic health.

Discover the power of a holistic approach

Are you interested in a new level of vitality and wellbeing – a level you might have thought was out of reach? Whether you want to enhance your own wellbeing – or that of your friends, employees  or colleagues  – I am here to give you the tools, the wisdom and the practices you need.

Typically my holistic approach incorporates four elements:

Breath Work

“It’s a powerful way to achieve new vitality and keep anxiety at bay…”

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“What we eat holds the keys to changing how we are: physically, mentally and emotionally…”

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“Moving away from a sedentary lifestyle, and using our bodies as they were intended”

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Sound Baths

“Are you ready to make your blood cells bounce… and to be healed inside and out?”

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Gabriela is a very thorough, gentle and calm practitioner. She seems to know my body much better than I do. She has worked with me many times over the years, and on each occasion I felt deeply relaxed, elevated and more in control of my body. She has thorough knowledge of various healing methods, which makes her very resourceful with a flexible approach. More importantly maybe, she has no time for my limiting beliefs and has been fighting for me to move past my limitations. I feel very privileged to have her as my health coach.


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Much love, Gabriela