Sound therapy

Sound Therapy

Yoga Nidra, Gong & Sound Bath for Brain Health & Regeneration

Have you been struggling with stress, sleep issues or fatigue? Join my Monday & Thursday evening Yoga Nidra, Gong & Sound Bath.  These sessions combine 3 healing modalities: first, Yoga Nidra meditation, which takes your body and your brain to a deep state of rest where healing can occur; second, the sound of the Gongs and the frequency medicine that they produce, which resonates deeply into every cell in your body; and third, the rest of the instruments in my ‘orchestra’, used to support the specific theme of each session, while also enhancing the participants’ experience.


When: Monday & Thursday 18:00-19:00 (UK time)

Currently held on Zoom.

What participants say: “My skull is tingling”, “My brain thanks you”

Sound Healing Journeys

by Gabriela Bocanete, interviewed by Anna Anderson from Quantum Living

I was feeling really stressed and muddled up with life when I arrived, but the calm of your lovely garden studio, your reassuring voice and the beautiful chimes and vibrations were just so relaxing.  I’ve carried on feeling calm all day.  What a transformation!  Thank you, I’m already looking forward to the next time.


Get 7 audio recordings of Yoga Nidra, Gongs, and Sound bath sessions, each centered around one of your chakras.

The Chakra Series

Discover the 7 Chakras, explore their symbolism and potential as Gabriela guides you with her gentle voice while the sound of her instruments takes you to deep levels of rest. A Brainspa experience that will unlock your energy centres.

Yoga & Sound Bath Sessions

Time to de-stress, relax and reset…
A morning of Yoga, Relaxation & Sound Bath

Each session will be themed – there will be seven workshops, each one will focus on one chakra, starting at the base and working up to the crown.

The emphasis is on relaxation and de-stressing, and the yoga will be accessible to all (irrespective of experience, flexibility, strength or age). or text 07943 837757

Cost: £35 per person (per session).
£5 Discount each for multiple places! Order multiple places at only £30 each, including the first place –
2 places costs only £60!


Book your private/semi-private Sound Therapy sessions or text 07943 837757

Forthcoming Events

You are always welcome to join me at one of my live appearances or webinars.