Sound Therapy

Yoga Nidra, Gong & Sound Bath for Brain Health & Regeneration

Have you been struggling with stress, sleep issues or fatigue? Join my Monday & Thursday evening Yoga Nidra, Gong & Sound Bath.  These sessions combine 3 healing modalities: first, Yoga Nidra meditation, which takes your body and your brain to a deep state of rest where healing can occur; second, the sound of the Gongs and the frequency medicine that they produce, which resonates deeply into every cell in your body; and third, the rest of the instruments in my ‘orchestra’, used to support the specific theme of each session, while also enhancing the participants’ experience.


Currently held on Zoom.

What participants say: “My skull is tingling”, My brain thanks you.

When: Monday & Thursday 18:00-19:00 (UK time)


I was feeling really stressed and muddled up with life when I arrived, but the calm of your lovely garden studio, your reassuring voice and the beautiful chimes and vibrations were just so relaxing.  I’ve carried on feeling calm all day.  What a transformation!  Thank you, I’m already looking forward to the next time.


Yoga & Sound Bath Sessions

Time to de-stress, relax and reset…
A morning of Yoga, Relaxation & Sound Bath

Each session will be themed – there will be seven workshops, each one will focus on one chakra, starting at the base and working up to the crown.

The emphasis is on relaxation and de-stressing, and the yoga will be accessible to all (irrespective of experience, flexibility, strength or age). or text 07943 837757

Cost: £35 per person (per session).
£5 Discount each for multiple places! Order multiple places at only £30 each, including the first place –
2 places costs only £60!


Book your private/semi-private Sound Therapy sessions or text 07943 837757
(£60 / 70 minutes)

Join a group for Deep Rest enhanced by Gong & Sound Therapy
Friday 17 Jan, Friday 24 Jan 2020, 19:00-20:30
Cost: £22 per person.

Forthcoming Events

You are always welcome to join me at one of my live appearances or webinars.