We love your sessions

A yoga based mix of stretches, balances and mostly a recognition of what we need on that day.  Your perception and inner calm is infectious and we really look forward to coming to you each week. Much better than yoga classes as the focus is on our needs and development rather than a group session. Thank you.  We look forward to developing more through your great teachings.

Love and hugs
Cath and Kevin

Deeply relaxed

Gabriela is a very thorough, gentle and calm practitioner. She seems to know my body much better than I do. She has worked with me many times over the years, and on each occasion I felt deeply relaxed, elevated and more in control of my body. She has thorough knowledge of various healing methods, which makes her very resourceful with a flexible approach. More importantly maybe, she has no time for my limiting beliefs and has been fighting for me to move past my limitations. I feel very privileged to have her as my health coach.


ease an anxious mind

Living the stressful Parisian life as a conference interpreter, I discovered Gabriela’s work at the beginning of the pandemic thanks to a colleague. I enjoy practicing yoga during my free time and now I rely heavily on Gabriela’s Soundtherapy sessions to ease my anxious mind.



Yoga & Sound Bath

Thank you to you and Nicola for leading Saturday morning so thoughtfully. Jasmine and I felt very much ’treated’ – we were so pleased we came along!
Jill x

Transformational EXPERIENCE

Gabriela is a very gifted teacher and healer. We have been having private healing and yoga-based sessions with her for many months now and we are feeling much better for it. We work with the mind and the body she always knows exactly what we need. Recently we have started to use the goddess bowl and tuning to improve weaknesses in our system. During healing sessions I can feel and hear my body re- aligning with the sound waves it’s a really transformational experience. I love the flow of our weekly sessions and feel so much better for these experiences. Thank you. Namaste.
CK, Croxley Green


Thank you so much for the amazingly calming Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath session this morning.  I was feeling really stressed and muddled up with life when I arrived, but the calm of your lovely garden studio, your reassuring voice and the beautiful chimes and vibrations were just so relaxing.  I’ve carried on feeling calm all day.  What a transformation!  Thank you, I’m already looking forward to the next time.

Angie xx

Blissful and Restorative

Thank you for a lovely taster session this morning. I didn’t know what to expect and found the room very calm and restful (no distracting diagrams or, thank goodness, mirrors). The exercises, well-explained and modelled, were stretching but not painful and our poses were adjusted when necessary.  The final relaxation was blissful and restorative. I estimated the whole session to have taken about half-an-hour and was surprised to find it was over an hour! Still feeling wonderfully relaxed. Thank you xo



I have had several classes with Gabriela now.

I had practiced yoga for about 30 years but had a break of about 10 years latterly.  I now have arthritis in my ankles, knees and wrists and cannot weight bear on those joints. I have had some private lessons with Gabriela in order for her to assess my ability.

I found Gabriela to be extremely thorough and careful in her assessment.  She is very knowledgeable about the body, explaining what is happening and what cause and effect a movement has on the body.  She is also attentive to the mind – talking through a yoga pose in her instruction.

Gabriela is an excellent and gifted yoga teacher.

Lesley Ralston

Once you have children you stop sleeping don't you?

The above quote, and the following two, are all from Amanda, a school teacher and a mother of two, who had been struggling to get any sleep.

“I slept! So much so I woke up thinking it was Saturday! Off to school x”

This was after a gentle movement class with a mini sound massage and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

“Thank you for last night…really enjoyed it …slept! Felt totally chilled out and still do.”

This was after a Group Sound Bath.

Thank you

Thank you for a really fantastic evening.

Hope to come along again soon.



Sound bath

I would like to attend on the 10th January – I’m so looking forward as I loved the last session!
Penny x

Yoga & Sound Bath

As usual last Saturday’s sessions were amazing. It really is the most wonderful experience – thank you.


Gabriela has a very natural, convincing and accessible manner of presenting scientific facts, which enhances understanding. When it comes to leading the practice, her voice is truly hypnotic, as she transports you into a totally different world where you feel safe, calm, secure and blissful.

I attended her webinar The Power of Calm the night before a difficult RSI job and what a difference it made to my delivery – I felt collected, I could concentrate better
and, most of all, I felt that I was in control. What a joy.

Irina Young, Conference Interpreter, BA PhD DPSI MCIL CL

Unique experience

I feel the need to thank you so much for the therapy you provided us all this evening. A wonderful relaxing and very blissful experience. Your guided relaxation and attention technique is quite unique and effective.

The conscious, awaken, and alert full-minded focus results in an almost transcendental state of mind still being fully aware and awake while the body is sort of decoupled from your mind, and then not.

Gerner Christensen

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Much love, Gabriela