The power of the #BrainSpa – frequency medicine in the digital age

Soothing sounds

In nature there all sorts of sounds that create a state of calm and relaxation. The sound of water, whether it’s a stream or the waves of the ocean; the dawn chorus. The rustling of the wind through the branches of a tree or the crunch of dry fallen leaves under your feet when you take a walk in autumn. 

The human voice, used caringly, creates a supporting environment in which physical, mental or emotional discomfort can find relief. Mothers and babies, or entire communities who come together with a loving intention, co-regulate and help each other heal. 

Anxiety can dissipate in both these cases – outside in nature or with the help of a calming voice. Stress can melt away and we can feel much better in a short time, effortlessly. 

Sound Therapy has been used since ancient times to concentrate the mind, to encourage mindfulness, to foster communion and to heal. The soothing effects of certain frequencies allow your nervous system to sink into deep restful states where stress from tight muscles can be released, tension can melt away, and healing and regeneration can occur unhindered. 

Using the technology 

These days we do it with the help of technology. All the solutions have been chosen by my very own Sound & Acoustics expert (hubby), who helped me equip my yoga studio to ensure the quality of sound in webcasting. Initially, my garden studio had beautiful mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets and yoga props besides the instruments; clients would refer to the space as ‘warm and womb-like’. Now it has multiple microphones, a control mixer, and walls of acoustic blankets to make the room the perfect receptacle for the therapeutic sound waves. The best available technology using a wired Internet connection so we don’t rely on wi-fi and its fluctuations. 

We recommend using the latest version of Zoom on a laptop/desktop, using headphones if you wish, and generally making sure you have a quiet place with no interruptions for the duration of the practice. For god quality sound, download your guide for optimum sound settings on Zoom here: 

It’s a kind of magic

In my #BrainSpa sessions I use a multi-layered, multi-disciplinary approach harnessing the regenerative potential of several adaptogenic practices. This means that the practice will work for what you need, specifically. Some participants may need help with anxiety, others may have insomnia, fatigue, back ache or racing thoughts. Attending the #BrainSpa sessions regularly will help resolve their issue effortlessly, with no unwanted side effects.

My voice will welcome you into the #Gong sanctuary and explain the rules: there are no rules. There’s no right or wrong way to do the practice, you are only required to bring your beautiful self. I know, you’ve heard that it’s about Hypnosis (…and what if it was?) that it may go against your Faith (it definitely doesn’t not – if anything, it can strengthen it). And what if I fall asleep and snore so loudly that everybody else will be rolling around laughing? The Mute button is there exactly for that; to prevent snores from being broadcast 😉  And yes, we all fall asleep at the beginning, because we’re so exhausted!

We’ve been in this state between autopilot and half-zombie exhaustion for so long, that we’re totally used to it. We somehow know that we badly need the deep rest, but we’re not ready to admit it, no way! It would be weak… or worse, it would be admitting that we’ve neglected our body’s cries for help for ages…. Are you ready to face up to it, my friend?      

Once you’ve been told the Rules (wink), you can choose to lie down in your own safe nest and let me do all the work for you. I will slowly unleash the sound of my beautiful gongs, which opens the gates to further states of rest, giving permission to your nervous system to venture deep into unexplored, new territory. Once the chatter of your inner voice has been gently hushed, your body’s innate healing mechanisms can start working unhindered, just as they were intended.

After playing the mighty Gongs for you, I use the other therapeutic instruments to generate different frequencies and patterns of reverberation in the fluids of your tissues, down to molecular level. Some of these instruments reproduce sounds from nature or evoke ancestral rituals. Expert guidance is applied throughout and your meditative journey is ushered by the soundscape in a compassionate and nourishing way. 

To lull you back from your cosmic trip deep inside of your soul, a third set of instruments come in towards the end, with their gentle, endearing sounds, topping up the blissful state of wellbeing which can last you for days.  

All this #BrainSpa experience is created with you in mind, my friend. New every time. In this way, the benefits for your body, your brain and your mind are multiplied manifold. You’re welcome!   




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