Calm, Vitality, Resilience programme


This programme takes place in a combination of online and live lectures, with plenty of practice and continuous support.


 1. Reach higher levels of Calm & Vitality for sustained physical,
emotional & mental health

2. Discover the most appropriate way in which you can play a more active
role in maintaining and enhancing your health and wellbeing

3. Create lasting new habits to achieve long-term Resilience in the
digital age

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Today, more and more of us are prone to habits that take a serious toll on our health. 


Breaking such habits does not happen overnight.
This is why I have developed the Calm, Vitality, Resilience programme that runs for 8 weeks and includes plenty of information, lots of practices and mutual support in a private group of participants, as well as participants of past editions of the course. Additionally, there are 2 live Q&A with me, plus 7 recordings of #BrainSpa sessions to learn to rest deeper and melt away the stress. This holistic approach encourages you to embody your sustainable healthy habits for long-term resilience. Together we create your new levels of Calm by training your nervous system to access deeper levels of rest more often, where healing and regeneration can truly take place. 


What would it mean for you to be truly healthy, living a life with Calm, Vitality and Resilience? 


Join us to find out what is possible!



I am very much enjoying the modules.  I had a mental breakthrough with today’s module – it was super useful! I love the exercises, and the sound baths are addicting.  Thank you Gabriela Bocanete ! Your #gentleresilience training has been a lifesaver these past few months for me – if I can keep on Zooming and being 100% present, it’s only because you are keeping my brain healthy!

Gabriela’s course content is thorough and well thought out, and she interacts with course participants from a place of compassion and nurturing. I had never tried Yoga Nidra or sound baths before, and found that the sessions quickly put me into a state of deep relaxation. I loved the way the gongs and singing bowls resonated through my body, and found the whole experience deeply soothing. I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a holistic introduction to essential concepts of wellbeing and stress relief.

As an extremely busy working mum, I had no time for any kind of “me time”. The course itself was highly insightful, and many of the modules provided very easy yet effective changes that have certainly made a big difference to me. I would highly recommend Gabriela, she works in a way that is both highly professional yet welcoming and warm at the same time. I felt comfortable and supported by her and the group.