“I am passionate about giving people back their lives… and giving them more calm, vitality and resilience in this digital age.”

This I do through a holistic approach that is available in a number of ways:

  • Lunch & Learn sessions (perfect in a corporate setting)

  • In-person seminars (delivered internationally since 2012)

  • Online webinars (on various topics – please see below)

  • Programmes (these typically last 8-12 weeks)

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A word about my Programmes  (lasting 8-12 weeks)

Today, more and more of us are prone to habits that take a serious toll on our health.

To break such habits does not happen overnight. That is why I have developed a series of programmes which typically run between eight and twelve weeks.

The titles of my programmes, webinars and seminars include:

‘Breathe and Change your Life’

 ‘Stress Management for Busy Professionals’

 ‘Feed your Brain, listen to your gut’
(Optimised Nutrition for Cognitive & Emotional Resilience)

Always bespoke, these Programmes begin with an Assessment of Needs. And whether delivered in a corporate setting, or to a group of individuals in my own yoga studio, this is where I get to witness the most profound and lasting impacts amongst my clients.

“I love the flow of our weekly sessions and feel so much better for these experiences.”

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Discover the power of a holistic approach

Are you interested in a new level of vitality and wellbeing – a level you might have thought was out of reach? Whether you want to enhance your own wellbeing – or that of your friends, employees  or colleagues  – I am here to give you the tools, the wisdom and the practices you need.

Typically my holistic approach incorporates four elements:

Breath Work

“It’s a powerful way to achieve new vitality and keep anxiety at bay…”

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“What we eat holds the keys to changing how we are: physically, mentally and emotionally…”

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“Moving away from a sedentary lifestyle, and using our bodies as they were intended”

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Sound Baths

“Are you ready to make your blood cells bounce… and to be healed inside and out?”

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